Hi guys….Happy new year (ok I say this until the end of January) hope you had a lovely Christmas & my heartfelt well wishes to those who had a difficult one, I know life can be unkind sometimes, you were in my thoughts.

I had a lovely Christmas & then my 40th Birthday. That week between Christmas & New Year was really busy. I couldn’t believe the generosity & kindness shown to me by family, friends & clients, I’m so grateful to have been lucky enough to have had such an amazing time, I’ve banked those memories now.

New Year was a bit quieter, I’d booked that extra time off after in lieu to myself for working that bit extra before. I got to say though it was fab, just had lots of cwtches with the dogs, caught up on house jobs & still managed to get walking & running despite the rainy weather.

The salon had its 4th birthday on January 9th. Thank you to everyone who have supported thus far, whether you’re a regular, come on special occasions or buy vouchers to give as gifts, it means the world to me.

Lovely to see a few of you booking in ready to redeem the gift vouchers you had for Christmas. Like I always say why would you delay, especially this time of year when you’ve probably got the least social commitments, skint, miserable & it’s super cwtchy in the treatment room. Some people hold on to the fact they still got it to look forward to but I’d prefer to have it & be grateful. Already since Christmas I’ve had a full body massage & reflexology. Not bragging, as many of you know its a vital part of my practise towards my health & well-being.

Talking about gift vouchers, can you believe I’ve put together the Valentines Special. I’m holding off another week before putting the Valentines decs up though so you’re alright a minute hahaha. Even though I’ve put it as Valentines gift voucher Special I’m actually running it all month as February monthly special so book in if you fancy it.

I’m not going to keep on about this but it’s included once more. All bookings now need a deposit. If you message me & I get back to you with payment details & I don’t hear back from you, regard it as no booking has been made. If you’ve made a booking & need to cancel it I honestly don’t need to know why & you lose the deposit. Quite often I can’t fill spaces at short notice, you’ve only got to consider how busy you are yourselves to appreciate you probably couldn’t make it to an appointment without good notice. As I’ve stressed before, my prices are reasonable but it only works if the salon runs efficiently. Missed appointment spaces cause a big loss.

Just repeating that again, because my health & well-being is a priority for a change. After repeated cancellations & no shows causing me great anxiety I’ve learnt the hard way but at least I’ve learnt. I’ve realised I’m a better person & therapist when I feel good but I don’t just naturally feel good I work at it. Trust me when I tell you how hard it is being self employed. I love my job though & I genuinely believe I’m meant to be where I am in life. I love helping people feel good about themselves whether its from my ‘Vital’ holistics or ‘Vanity’ beauty treatments. I’m creating a work space I love to be in both mentally & physically so that good energy flows from me to you so we can all keep well & be happy.

As well-being is high on the agenda at the salon, why not give yourself 5 minutes extra time to arrive for your appointment & read a passage from 1 of my ‘happiness’ books or well-being magazine, yes, finally I’ve brought back reading material. There’s still sanitiser on the table for you to cleanse your hands before & after. Finger licking to turn pages is still prohibited though lol.

I think the rain is holding off finally, yes its getting colder but how nice has it been to see the sun & blue sky, & the nights are starting to draw out so I wish you all a good month ahead.

Look forward to seeing you soon

Much love as always

Danielle xx

P.S. I hope this new year brings us all….

Courage to try again

Passion for doing what we love

Resilience in overcoming obstacles

Humility to learn from others

Kindness to ourselves & others