Hiya guys & welcome to this months blog….hope it finds you well.

All good at the salon….

Still running on monthly special is the ‘Fall back’ package….its such a nice 1 guys & perfect for this time of year.

The new colour range has arrived from Biosculpture & some old favourites have made a come back for the swatch as we make our transition over to the dark side!!

I’ve included in this blog the booking policy as a gentle reminder of whats what.

I know I’ve posted about on socials & we’ve been chatting about it at some of your appointments but I’ve recently finished the brilliant book by Dr Chris Van Tulleken ‘Ultra processed people’….I listened to it on audio while I’ve been out walking or doing the cooking/cleaning etc & it’s really interesting & provides us with the info/knowledge we might not have known before. It has made me more mindful about how my choices & I recommend it to everyone as we all eat & especially to those responsible for feeding others.

Next up for me….’Hack your hormones’ by Davinia Taylor.

My role as a beauty & holistic therapist is to help clients feel good about themselves & I’m always intrigued by snippets of info I read in books & magazines or what I’ve been lucky enough to learn from clients & then we can pass it on to help each other. So my job is more than just painting your nails or massaging you….I love helping in any way I can (Disclaimer!…Don’t do or take anything I might mention until you’ve spoken to your GP) LOL

Don’t forget guys the monthly competition runs in house now….the T&C’s on how to enter are dotted around the salon or feel free to ask me for details. The winner is chosen the last Friday of the month so 1 more week to enter this month to win the monthly special. I might as well point out to you guys…you know when you see competitions on Facebook & Instagram & you have to share the posts….if that business or person isn’t following you back, they never know you shared it so it’s unlikely you’ve been entered. That’s what I love about my competition, it’s keeping the range to local clients, the prize is amazing & someone is likely to know the winner so you can its real & genuine.

I’ve mentally designed my Christmas gift voucher package so I just need to type it up from brain to paper….but it’ll be in next months blog & uploaded onto the website ready to purchase.

That’s it then folks for another month….I hope you all have a good couple of weeks….

Much Love as always….

Danielle xoxo

P.s Seasons change & so do people.