Hi guys & welcome to Februarys blog…hope it finds you well…

Hope you had a lovely Valentines, I was laughing when one client said “ah I was hoping he’d have bought me the valentines package” to which I replied “well did he know about it?” & she said no….so guys sometimes you got to drop more hints, share posts or tag people because not everyone follows & keeps up to date with what’s going on.

I’ve put together a lovely package for Mothers Day…take a peep…this is available now to purchase at the salon or online…they will be post dated so no need to worry about that. Other packages & monetary values are available.

I’ve made some amendments to my previous booking policy. All bookings now will have a non refundable or transferrable deposits of which will be varying amounts, this will be made clear to you before you commit to a booking. I’ve attached said policy, they’re dotted around the salon & I can forward one directly to you should you wish to receive a copy.

I’d like to share a little bit of insight into how my particular business works. When you make a booking, the appointment book looks like a jig- saw puzzle & appointments are structured so they flow. Every appointment will have its own amount of time because of the varying amount of treatments on offer. Most clients book in advance because they know the days/times they are available. I can be flexible with my opening hours & will often open earlier or work later than planned & in exceptional cases open extra days putting limits on my time off. I also look ahead at future bookings & that enables me to make sure I got sufficient stock. I’m 1 person doing everything. Taking your booking, carrying out your treatments, book keeping, cleaning, laundry, stock control & ordering, designing specials, social media & marketing, popping down to Aldi gone 9pm after my shift to get cleaning products & toilet roll etc. It’s fair to say I work hard! I go above & beyond with everything client, a lot of my treatments contain little touches that don’t come as standard, I do that to make things nice! I book out more time than what is sometimes needed because I want everyone to come & enjoy, feel welcome & not rushed. My treatments are very reasonably priced especially considering quality & content. Being self employed & running a business is tough! It never stops, & dominates nearly every waking minute of the day. I sometimes miss the continuity of a steady salary & I certainly miss paid annual leave, but all said & done I love my job as a beauty & holistic therapist & I definitely feel its my calling to help others.

I’ve had a few months where I’m having a lot of clients needing to reschedule. This often leaves gaps in the appointment book & spaces not being re-filled. Despite having a cancellation list, people are unable to take up spaces. It also seems clients who reschedule aren’t flexible with their time so finding a new time that is suitable can be as far ahead as another 3-4 weeks meaning appointments are being held from anything between 3-8 weeks. Your appointments are important to me & that is why we work together to specifically plan ahead to reserve the times preferred. I class all my clients as ‘good clients’ & this isn’t targeted at anyone in-particular, it’s a collective accumulation of months worth. You don’t necessarily understand the impact rescheduling is having nor would you know if you’re the 1st, 6th, 10th or 14th client in 1 month to have to reschedule. I understand all too well things ‘crop up’ but this has become precisely the reason why I’m having to implement some changes.

If you’ve agreed an appointment, it is of the understanding you were available at that time. If you have something ‘crop up’ & you need to reprioritise your time & choose to reschedule your pre arranged appointment, you are accountable for the charges that apply. I’m able to keep prices reasonable by eliminating the need for an online booking system & receptionist both of which would drive price increases, but I’m the receptionist & would have done a degree of work before you come in, add to that then all the extra admin rescheduling creates. Your deposit is intended to only be used towards you having your treatment but is non refundable or transferrable & will be used towards the loss of revenue & administration fees in the event of rescheduling.

These changes will enable me to better manage the business & delay price increases. Your understanding & co-operation will support towards maintaining the high standards & good quality treatments you choose to come & enjoy.

See you soon.

Much love as always

Danielle xx

P.S. The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.