Hiya guys….welcome back to the blog….its been a while!!

Hope this finds you well….all is good at the salon. So far this year has felt the most normal since 2019!! I had an amazing spring/ summer pampering you all for lots of belated & rescheduled events & now I’m busy creating lots of cosy vibes to ease into the darker, colder months ahead.

As many of you know I’m hugely into Autumn/Winter health. Along side vaccinations & medications it’s so important to look after yourself in other ways. This supports your immune system massively. Some of the basics are getting enough sleep/rest….drinking lots of water….getting some exercise (do whatever you can within your limits), eating sensibly, & of course regular holistic therapies. Holistic & alternative therapies improve the flow of energy around the body by unblocking the essential channels & pathways that are required to restore & balance us so that we feel well.

New to the treatment list is Facial reflexology, which works the same as foot reflexology but obviously its on the face…you’d be surprised how many people don’t like having their feet touched so it’s perfect for them. I also get lots of regulars who might alternate between the two just to mix it up a bit.

Reiki is also new. My experience of Reiki so far has been wonderfully weird. The vibes with this 1 are quite intense & its available to everyone, nothing is contraindicated (professional term for a reason someone couldn’t have treatment i.e. illness, medication etc). If anyone are unfamiliar with any treatments feel free to google….its fascinating to realise there’s more to treatments than them just feeling nice.

Time is flying so just putting it out there….I’m currently booked up till nearer the end of November & December is filling fast so if you’ve not thought about it yet then please do. I’m hoping there’ll be lots of demand this Christmas like it is usually so I’ll look to extend opening hours accordingly.

Two weeks ago I made changes with the booking policy. A deposit is now required on ALL appointments. It’s been averaging up to 3 short notice cancellations & or no shows a week. The financial implication this has is now too huge to absorb. I’m letting regulars know as I’m gradually seeing them so don’t panic if you have an upcoming appointment & have not paid, you’ll do so on your next booking.

Small things that can also help my small business….liking & following on social media (Facebook & Instagram) & leaving positive reviews on Facebook & Google.

As some of you might have seen….I’ve brought the competition back….I’m actually going to post that on Facebook the last week of every month so it’ll look like there’s 2 this month & from then on it’ll be once a month.

So I’m going to leave it there guys….Remember I’m always thankful you choose to come & enjoy your treats at Vital Vanity.

Look forward to seeing you….

Much love as always….

Danielle x

Ps…. When you reluctant to change, think of the beauty of Autumn.