Hiya guys & welcome to our September newsletter….hope you’re all well….

Lots going on at the moment…Today officially marks the 1st day of Autumn…my favourite season…to mark the occasion we have a lovely October special ‘Fall back’…Lush & Cwtchy massage…What better way to spend early dark evenings than to be enveloped into a warm comfy therapy bed & have your tension & stresses soothed away….well for an hr n half at least!!

As you all know, Reagan has now been with me since May…I wanted her to concentrate on getting to know me, the business & most importantly you guys & I didn’t want her to feel pressured into working on clients…now she’s found her feet we both agree its time for her to start building her clientele…so like myself hopefully she can obtain new clients who in a few years time she will call friends….I’ve devised a ‘treatment special’ unique to Reagan…she is fully qualified, more than competent, but needs to define her skills. We only offer the most prestigious brands in the most relaxing & cosy salon so her ‘treatment specials’ are truly a steal!! So come along for some ‘Vital’ pampering…..

New collection from ‘Biosculpture’ is now available…sooo many nice colours its hard to choose! be sure to follow the social media to see upto date pics…

Remember the monthly competition goes out on Facebook & new to Instagram the last Thursday of the month with the winner announced the following Tuesday….up for grabs next is the ‘Fall back’ October special…

There’ll be ‘trick or treats’ available throughout October…more treats though! So be sure to get yours with your treatments….

Our Christmas bookings are going very rapidly…if you haven’t booked already please start thinking of your dates…you’ll see Christmas mentioned frequently from this point on….sorry not sorry lol….I’ve even bought my tree & lights ready!!! (For beginning of november!) I can’t help it I’m excited!

So until next time folks…

Much love as always

Danielle xoxo

Ps…The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go….xx