Hi guys & welcome to the newsletter…hope you’re all well…I’m all good, hoping for some nicer weather but hay ho…I’m creating my own sunshine everyday hahahaha…

I had a really good time in London & at the beauty exhibition. I gained some inspiration, & brought some new products back with me…A few surprises too but 1 thing was evident & that’s gel manicures & nails are still dominating the industry & have been for the last couple of years.

I don’t think people realise though…gel manicures have been around for years…I actually trained with Biosculpture in 2003!! & I tell you what was nice, I went to their stand to say hi & they have the same staff (as well as new ones of course!) that were there all those years ago. That spoke volumes to me, they must be a good company to work for as well as work with. We have to be mindful that this is why Biosculpture is the best in the bizz! Premium ingredients in all the products to ensure your natural nails are kept well, vegan friendly, & 1st class education & training.

Some people think gels ruin your nails…they don’t, you need to soak them off properly, yes they start to lift but they don’t just ping off, that lifted bit has to be helped along & even something as small as encouraging that can take off layers of your natural nail…so as long as you leave them alone, tolerate the odd catching in the hair lol & soak them off you’re fine!

The new Biosculpture spring collection is out now. Not what I was expecting but its always nice to go off piste I suppose & we just have to get creative. Nail pics are often posted on the Instagram page so follow there for ideas & ‘stories’.

So with all that in mind my ‘April Special’ is in homage to nails…My regulars will appreciate they’re making a saving & that’s my thank you for your continued custom, & I know you all love coming to the salon & having our catch ups. 1 of my clients even sits there smiling at her nails & I don’t think she knows she does it, but its really cute.

Mothering Sunday is 31st of March. My Mothers day Package is amazing. A specialised ‘collagen’ facial & hand treatment with express manicure or pedicure….Lush…You can come & say hi at the salon to purchase, or buy online. This is the package I’ve put together otherwise there are other treatments or monetary values available.

Well that’s it folks…thanks for reading…have a good couple of weeks…

Danielle xoxo

Ps…all the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today xx