Hiya guys….welcome to this months blog….I have few days to spare until April lol but I’m off over Easter weekend so it’s now or never!!

Hope you’re well….I’m ok!….I’m looking forward to the longer weekend off for Easter. Carl & I haven’t had time off since Christmas so we’re looking forward to an all inclusive at home….just planning on sorting some bits, walks, relaxing & day drinking!! well & night drinking too!!

Like every month….I’ve included the booking policy, please keep yourselves familiar with it. Thank you to those who respect it, adhere to it & understand the need for it. Missed/rescheduled/cancelled appointments have a negative effect on the business hours & last month resulted in a financial loss to me of £153.

Even though the weather hasn’t been very enticing…clients are enjoying the lighter/softer colours from Biosculpture.

I’ve put together the special for April/May….’Spring clean’….It’s a good one for brightening tired winter skin & the reflexology is good for relaxation & balancing. You might be aware already, but the changing of seasons have an impact on us so even though people usually look forward to spring after winter….it’s important not to get too ahead of ourselves, plan too much, & remember to take care of ourselves.

So I think that’s it guys….

Have a lovely month ahead….& Easter….

Much love as always….

Danielle xoxo

P.S. The same boiling water that softens the potato, hardens the egg, its what you’re made of, not the circumstances.