Hiya guys….welcome to this months blog….hope it finds you well….

All good at the salon….although I really can’t believe how quickly time is flying by….

I’ve designed the Christmas gift voucher special….guys I’ve said before haven’t I….what helps me put together these packages is what I think would be lush & I wouldn’t mind having for myself….Sadly for me though I can’t have this because there isn’t another therapist around who offer this combination of therapies. So needles to say this one is going to be amazing after Christmas/New Year….restore the calm after the chaos….detox the mind & body….& re-energise yourself for the New Year.

As well as my gift voucher special….gift vouchers are available for all treatments & monetary values. They’re available to buy online to be posted out or you can purchase straight from the salon. If you’re going to swing by the salon to collect…get in touch first & I can get it ready for you.

Appointments are filling fast leading up to Christmas….If you’re not booked in already then try & have a little think of days/dates & I can get you booked in. I’ve opened up Monday 11th & 18th December as additional days but spaces are becoming booked up.

Before this we have Beaujolais day & again appointments are very limited leading up to this. If you don’t fancy going out for Beaujolais & you’re afraid fear of missing out will set in, come & have a lovely treat with me….it’ll be cheaper & far better for you.

As you know….I’m always interested in our bodies & our well-ness….& one of the things we’ve been talking about lately is the change in seasons/time of year etc & covid & flu jabs….now obviously I’m not accredited by a university degree, but I do know a lot….naturally our immune system becomes compromised from time to time….but there are ways you can help yourself that include sleeping well, drinking lots of water, eating a good diet, having regular holistic treatments & possibly increasing your vitamin & mineral intake via a supplement. Along with my monthly reflexology & massage treatments ( yes I pay to go somewhere, I can’t do my own lol) I’ve increased my Vitamin B12 to boost my immunity because of the amount of colds & coughs about….& to be honest I enjoy feeling well & energetic so I don’t leave it to chance to feel any other way.

The change in season takes it’s toll on us physically & mentally so theses autumn & winter months are a good time to take stock on what we’re actually doing for ourselves to help. Even our skin care routines & make-up applications should alter slightly.

So I thinks that’s all for this month….

Have a good couple of weeks….Enjoy Halloween & Guy Fawkes….

Much love as always….

Danielle xoxo

P.s. The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.