Hiya guys & welcome to this months blog….hope it finds you well….all ok at the salon….festively busy but I got to say there’s a weirdly chilled vibe going on, which you know me now I like to assess things & what I’ve come up with is that its me that’s chilled. Guys you know that saying to be old & wise you must first be young & stupid….well….I think I’m finally starting my transition!! I’ve approached Christmas this year very organised so I’m not hysterical & frantic. The bookings have been sorted for weeks, I’ve had my personal bits in order, I’ve learnt to continue eating well & not over indulge & ‘over’ being the key word there, I’ve not over drank & again that word ‘over’ LOL! & I’ve enjoyed light exercise because relaxing & rest have been more important to me so I think I’m not over tired & my immune has stayed strong so yeah I feel like I’m totally bossing it this year! The reality is mind….there’s loads of chaos around me but my mind & heart feel good so that’s what’s important.

Vouchers are still available either my gift vouchers special or all treatments & monetary values. It came to my attention this week that someone was holding off buying a voucher until now to have a better expiry date on it….so for future reference all Christmas vouchers are post dated from November….so no need to wait like as if its fresh veg haha….I’m imaging the conversations to be like “yeah I got to call to town now this week to pick up my vital vanity voucher & Veg”…..creased! So If you’re still planning on calling you have until Friday because…..

I’m finishing on Friday the 22nd & I’m back Thursday 4th Jan. Happy days….Apart from longer weekends here & there I haven’t had a full week off since May!! The reality & joys of being self employed!!

A huge thank you….thank you….thank you to all my clients. You know another weird trait of mine is that I’m not only financially invested in the business but far more emotionally invested. I always feel I’m in service to others & I love helping & making you all feel good. Running a business is hard work & I’ve had to implement an A4 size booking policy! but its to the point & could be worse….look at your insurance policy’s there are pages & pages of small print….& it is actually so small you can barely see it….so you got to hand it to me I was considerate enough to type in font size 14 so its loud & clear LOL….but jokes aside Its not been an easy year business end of things at the salon with bills still being really high & I’m saying still as if if they’re going to come down! So with all my heart thank you for understanding & support.

So I think that’s about all….thank you for reading the ‘last blog of 2023’….I can’t believe it!! Looking forward to a new year of sharing shenanigans, tears but largely laughs with you….

THANK YOU once more

Have a Merry Christmas guys…& wishing you all health, happiness & prosperity for the new year.

Much love as always

Danielle xoxo

P.S…. Its not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.