Hiya guys & welcome to the first blog of the new year! A little later than I planned, I usually aim for somewhere in the middle of the month but Its been crazy busy at the salon….more on that to come….

I hope this finds you well & by now I’ve seen most of you so we’re all caught up on Christmas & New Year Goss.

All has been amazing at the salon….I actually like January, I think it’s a special month to justify taking it easy, enjoying lot’s of comforting hot food & drinks & embracing the dark nights to go to bed early.

Well, I honestly can’t believe it’s February Thursday! I literally printed out the February/Valentines special last week gone 10pm 1 evening! It’s available on the website to buy if you’d like to treat a loved one or it’s running all month if you want to book yourself in. As you all know I’m a fan of self care so why wait for someone else to do anything for you, prioritise yourself.

The bookings are currently going from somewhere around the 21st Feb. If you had a voucher for Christmas & you know you can only do certain times then I recommend you get in touch asap. The voucher has been gifted to you with the intention of you having a lovely treat it was thought you deserved. The last thing intended is for it to feel like a burden to use. I understand all to well how busy life is so be mindful you’re not the only one. The longer you leave it the worse it gets because naturally as soon as the lighter nights creep in & spring sets in, we get busier by inviting more into our lives.

Thankfully & with so much gratitude, the salon is lovely & busy so I have decided to extend the opening hours. Like my Saturdays, I’ll be opening on a Monday every 3 weeks. I don’t expect you to keep tally of how this falls but if you want a Monday or a Saturday just ask & I’ll let you know when that will be. Now the salon will be offering between 40-60 hours a week of appointment time with availability morning noon & night. The only day you can’t come is a Sunday (which I won’t deny you so long as you pay double time hahaha)

Please keep yourselves familiar with the booking policy. This is particularly important as I’ve extended the hours to be more flexible & accommodating so I can’t tough out cancellations leading to gaps in the appointment schedule. All admin & times reserved has to be paid for. As always, if you don’t want to commit ahead of time to an appointment out of fear of losing your deposit, let me know as I can keep you on a cancellation list & possibly offer you an appointment closer to that time should one become available.

Back to how crazy & busy we all are, if you’ve not realised yet Mothers day & Easter are early this year. This will mean the salon is usually busier. Lot’s of my regulars who like their same times are already booked in up to April. The current appointment book is made up to May so let’s get sorted. It’s far less stress when you’re organised.

Mothers Day 10th March

Easter weekend begins 29th March.

So I think that’s all guys.

Have a lovely month ahead.

Much love as always



P.S It’s not about being perfect, it’s about effort & when we bring that effort every single day that’s where transformation happens.