Hiya guys & welcome to this months blog…albeit its a few days off from the beginning of March!…I hope it finds you well….

Mothers Day is the 10th of March. I’ve put together a lovely gift voucher special. It’s available direct from the salon or available online for posting. Gift vouchers are available for all other treatments & monetary values.

March is already quite booked up. Easter falls the end of March too so if you’re planning any trips away for Easter hols please get in touch to book in sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

I’ve extended availability by opening addition hours on selected Monday so I’m trying my best to accommodate as many bookings. Thank you all for keeping me nice & busy.

I’ve decided to add a new feature to the blog every month where I’ll publish the previous months loss as a result off cancelled appointments that didn’t go on to re-fill & no shows (This is when a client doesn’t turn up). This isn’t a negative point…I understand things might crop up & clients forget from time to time but I want to illustrate the importance of why deposits are necessary & how we both endure the financial consequences to cancellations & no shows. As clients only pay a small charge towards the time they’re reserving, their individual losses are smaller but repeated over the month it amounts considerably for a small business. For January, cancelled appointments & no shows was a loss to the business of £124. Without the deposits that sum would have been higher so thank you all for understanding & your co-operation.

Well…did you watch the way…remember all the commotion outside the salon last summer for 3 days…obviously I had to watch it didn’t I. I didn’t enjoy it to be honest. If it had been filmed anywhere else I wouldn’t have bothered to watch it at all. The commotion was more exciting than the actual programme…but it’s given us all something to chat about haha.

In real life though, it was my Saturday in work the day of the steel workers rally. It looked like they had a good turn out & it was quite poignant watching them go passed the salon…it felt like I was watching what will go on to become a piece of history. Several children part of the march will grow up & in years to come will say things like “my father was a steelworker” or my grandfather or mother, you get what I’m saying don’t you.

Well I think that’s all for this month…the days are getting noticeably lighter…we just need a bit more sunshine.

Have a good couple of weeks folks…

Much love as always…

Danielle xoxo

PS….be like a flower, survive the rain but use it to grow.