Hi guys & welcome to May’s blog…hope it reaches you well…

All is well at the salon. Had a fabulously busy Easter….I worked a little bit extra which enabled me to have the full bank holiday weekend off…it was fab, went camping (in a tent) it was a tad cold & windy but hay ho…I managed to sleep like a log, even if it was thanks to the 14.5% shiraz!!

Coming up for May I’ve put together a ‘Vanity’ package…a gel manicure & spray tan…May is a busy month of shenanigans.

The new Biosculpture collection is now available…lovely & bright even if the weather doesn’t reflect it. Like I’ve been saying to clients, you got to start having brighter colours now…it’s only another 5 nail appointments & we’ll be back over to the dark side hahaha.

Not sure if you came across it the other day…there was a controversial news article on gel nails…saying how they’re causing severe reactions…well obviously my clients know better than this & this is why I’m always saying about Biosculpture…its all down to the product & ingredients. Sadly bad practise & products give it all a bad name. The internet has made items more accessible & any old body can now do a day course or online so its just rough. People who used to use cheaper products charged less but the cheeky so & so’s now charge the same as a Biosculpture would cost!

Biosculpture only uses premium ingredients, its the original ‘everlasting’ manicure, its distributed globally (unlike others which are banned in some countries) & only specifically trained techs can buy from them. They’re constantly developing their products & education. So basically they’re the best & along with good products, application, aftercare & removal your natural nails are in ‘good hands’.

It’s not just nails either…its many other treatments too…remember though, just because someone has done a course doesn’t make it legit. Quite often these ‘educators’ leave out crucial content, enrol people with no underpinning knowledge & more importantly not all certificates/qualifications are recognised by insurers or governing bodies. So be careful out there guys.

April is now nearly fully booked…& May will be soon so if anyone is reading this & needs to book in get in touch asap especially with proms coming up, spray tans are always in demand for them.

So that’s it for now folks…

I wish you all a happy time ahead (bank holidays & Kings coronation)…

hope to see you soon…

Much love as always

Danielle xoxo

P.S. Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.